Are you ready to make your mark in San Francisco?

We're a non-profit venture and our goal #1 is jumpstart economic activity in the cultural district. We're looking for emerging brands and concepts to build a vibrant local economy. Our #2 goal is to set you up for success. We charge the lowest price possible to keep the project financially sustainable. Starting at $75 + 10% of your sales.


The Space

Your booth will be placed in the thick of Undiscovered SF's crowd in San Francisco Chronicle Parking Lots.


Our Sunday Streets Location

On 8/19/18, from 11am - 4p we are programming Sunday Streets 10year anniversary route that spans Essex to 10th St. on Folsom St. We are the only activation hub with food, retail, and stage performances for 25k+ people! (Only Tier 1 booths available)


Booth Styles & Sizes

 Actual size will be bigger

Actual size will be bigger

Tier 1 Booths

  • Under the Big Top Tent
  • Premium placement next to the Food Courts
  • 10'x10' or 10'x5' spaces
  • Limited to top 20 vendors
  • Prices start at $100  + $50 Deposit + 10% of Sales
 Example layout

Example layout

Tier 2 Booths

  • Placed on the sidewalk
  • 4'x7' spaces only
  • Up to 50 vendors
  • Prices start at $75
    + $50 Deposit
    + 10% of Sales

Meet our Retail Curation Team

We are seasoned craft vendor professionals.


We'll get you set up for success.

Through our partnership with the Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center, we have a ton of support services to strengthen your business. Successful vendors at UNDISCOVERED SF will be invited to our business incubator where we'll invest a host of professional services like branding, marketing, legal, accounting to prepare businesses for long-term opportunities in the cultural district.