Food Truck Space on 12-16-17

Food Truck Space on 12-16-17


Note: this month will not be held at the SF Mint and will occur from 12p-8p on Sat., 12/16/17.


Secure a space at UNDISCOVERED SF to showcase your flavors to ~5,000 hungry shoppers in the beautiful Mint Plaza adjacent to the Old Mint.


Pricing Breakdown

  • Booth Fee + Security Deposit = Total Price
  • $200.00 towards a Booth Fee.
  • $50.00 refundable Security Deposit againist 10% of Sales. If you make no sales, we'll refund the $50 Security Deposit at the end of the night.
  • We charge a 10% Revenue Share (your sales before taxes)  to keep the event economically viable and pass on the savings to you as a lower Booth Fee. 10% of your Revenue is due at the end of the night.
  • Booth Fee & Security Deposit must be processed upon applying to the event.
  • If you're not accepted, we will refund your Booth Fee & Security Deposit before the 10th day of the month of the event.

Vendor Rules

  • All vendors must use Square, Paypal, or other POS system that can provide a daily sales report. 
  • Cash sales must be entered into Square, Paypal, or other POS system
  • Commit to setting up your booth a few hours prior to the event based on our team’s load-in schedule.
  • Commit to staffing your booth from 6pm - 10pm during each event.
  • Help promote for the Night Markets via your social media pages and email blasts.
  • Commit to attending a vendor meet-up
  • Check-out with UNDISCOVERED SF staff at the end of the event
  • Leave no trash at the venue
  • Do not damage the SF Mint / Mint Plaza / Mint St
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