What kind of vendor are you?

Last call for FOOD vendors IS 9/30/17

last call for retail vendors IS 10/11/17


Retail Vendors

Streetwear, house wear , art prints, fashion, jewelry, and independent creative goods that are non-perishable.

Packaged Foods

Sauces, honey, spices, canned drinks, NON-dairy, etc, and other packaged foods prepared off-site, in a licensed facility and sold in a sealed container.

Perishable Foods

Made to order food like BBQ, burgers, rice bowls, scooped desserts, pre-packaged foods with dairy, etc prepared in a Food Truck or in a Food Tent onsite.

Informational booth

Non-profits*, government organizations, advocacy groups, consumer services like lawyers, and other groups not selling goods.

* Non-profits, contact us for a discounted fee