Brunch Without Borders Secret Menu Passport

Brunch Without Borders Secret Menu Passport



Breakfast Corn Sopes by Mestiza

Corn sopes topped with braised pork adobo, picked red cabbage, poached eggs, cilantro lime hollandaise.

Turon Pop Tarts by Sweet Condesa Pastries

Two layers of thin, rectangular pate brisee crust filled with Banana-Langka (Jackfruit) jam and drizzled with Molasses glaze. 

Calamansi Cold Brew by Kasama Cà Phê

Calamansi cold brew is Kasama Cà Phê’s take on coffee lemonade, made with Philippine limeade and Vietnam-grown coffee roasted by our friends at Nguyen Coffee Supply in Brooklyn. As Filipino American and Vietnamese American co-founders, this drink is a representation of their cultural backgrounds coming together.


Mestiza SF

595 Bryant St in SOMA Pilipinas

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