Thank you for your interest in performing at the UNDISCOVERED SF Creative Night Market! We’re excited to launch this exciting new monthly event in San Francisco and our Main Stage will be a key feature of the event. We're looking to feature well-known professional talent, as well as find the local undiscovered acts that we can showcase and bring to the spotlight.

Please fill out the application form below and someone will be in touch to let you know if we can allocate a spot for you in one of our monthly events. If you have questions, email us at


What will be provided:

  • A modest performance stipend for your time
  • Access to the Performer Green Room
  • Professional sound and lighting
  • A stage manager
  • Promotion and marketing of you on and on social media.
  • Expected attendance of up to 5,000 people each month from San Francisco and the broader Bay Area.

Performer Application Form

Please include links to video links and/or portfolios for us to review.

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Type of Art
IE I'm a mix-media projection artist that mashes up dup-step w/ harana with my 3 piece band that explores the hunman condition in a tech filled world.
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