are you ready to make your mark in San Francisco?

We're a non-profit venture and our goal #1 is jumpstart economic activity in the cultural district. We're looking for emerging brands and concepts to build a vibrant local economy.


Our #2 goal is to set you up for success. We charge the lowest price possible to keep the project financially sustainable. Starting at $75 + 10% of your sales.

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The SF Mint is a beautiful historic building with original period details that will elevate the look of your brand or product.


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We Are Seasoned Craft Vendor ProfessionalS

Jenn Lui

Retail Curation Team

A seasoned veteran of the craft vendor scene, Jenn is the owner and designer of Intwined Bows a bespoke bow tie company since 2009 and also a former co-founder and buyer for The Assembly, a retail boutique located in San Mateo, CA. Her passion for the craft and goods scene led her to founding Black Market SF, a secret night market that was hosted in San Francisco for several years. 

Kevin Pelgone

Retail Curation Team

Kevin is a partner at the Overlook Lounge in Oakland, CA and is the organizer of Town Social a quarterly rooftop night market hosted in the same venue. He is also a founder of Black Market SF and a former co-founder of The Assembly. As an entrepreneur and marketer, he is driven to support the local community by creating events that enable other small businesses to thrive.


WE'LL Get you Setup for Success

Thru our partnership with the Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center, we have a ton of support services to strengthen your business. Successful vendors at UNDISCOVERED SF will be invited to our business incubator where we'll invest a host of professional services like branding, marketing, legal, accounting to prepare businesses for long-term opportunities in the cultural district.