Heritage Curated Set

Heritage Curated Set


UNDSCVRD Curated Gift Sets showcase a collection of our favorite ethical goods from the Filipino makers and creatives who inspire our community. Explore the rich cultural heritage of the Philippines with this curated set featuring products from Baybayin/Kristian Kabuay, Daily Malong, Oodaalolly, and Herbalaria.

This box set includes:

  • Baybayin Flashcards by Kristian Kabuay - Learn the very basics of the pre-Philippine baybayin script - 14 consonants and 3 vowels. 18 cards total.

  • Oodaalolly Dark Chocolate Bar (3 oz) - Single roast, single origin, dark chocolate bar using the finest quality Filipino cacao and Swiss techniques. 70% cacao.

  • Herbalaria Guava Leaves (0.7 oz) - Organically-grown, hand-picked, shamanically blessed bayabas (guava) leaves can be steeped as a cancer-fighting tea, used as a hair wash and calming solution for skin ailments, or as a spiritual smudging tool.

  • Daily Malong Tubao - Tubao cloth, a traditionally handwoven cloth worn as a headpiece, headscarf, or handkerchief made by non-Muslim, Muslim and Indigenous Peoples in Mindanao (Southern Philippines).

  • UNDSCVRD Pinoy Power Enamel Pin - Show your Philippine pride with this enamel pin symbolizing solidarity, unity, and resistance.

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