Vangie Buell Homage

Vangie Buell Homage

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About the Artist

Mel was 31 when he migrated to the US in 1995 with his mom’s petition and was illustrator and art director at Avellana & Associates (Manila) for 9 years prior to this.

He had four solo shows in Manila and nine here in the US. Mel and his various art collectives are very active in the bay area spreading the Filipino community’s cause. They held exhibits at Blackball Universe gallery, Joyce Gordon Gallery, Rock Paper Scissors, 21 Grand, Pro Arts to name a few. Mel and his groups are very active doing shows, holding workshops regularly about art, silkscreen printing and painting as community involvement.

He and another Filipino artist England Hidalgo were chosen as the artists to do a mural for the Bayanihan Center in San Francisco titled ‘Heroes In Our Windows’ due to unveil in June, 2019.

Mel’s community involvement led him to represent his art and culture in various community events like the 2018 Itliong-Vera Cruz Middle School Fil-am October event where he painted live on the street to showcase his art. In 2017, Mel designed a mural with Epekto Art Projects (one of his art collectives) for Asian-American students at Stanford University. He was called on twice to do street paintings at Undiscovered SF in collaboration with KULARTS.

He said he does what he has to do no matter what people say because he learned that his gut was more accurate than all their reasons.

He presently works as a graphic designer at the California Department of Transportation and a freelance tattoo artist during weekends, happily with his wife and two kids.

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