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Chef videos

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Caption to use

“San Francisco’s first top secret Filipino Food Crawl is here. Join us to 8 secret dishes a week at 7 different food businesses in SOMA Pilipinas. Then experience the cutting edge of Filipino cuisine from 6 of the top emerging chefs in the Bay Area. Request an invite at UNDISCOVEREDSF.COM to view the menus.”

Download the trailer from DropBox here

Note: download and upload the video directly into Facebook so it loads right away.

Invite Teaser

Kulinary Confidential SAVE THE DATE_1000x1000_v2.jpg

Use the caption:

“I’m joining the UNDSCVRD crew and 12 other chefs to put together SF’s first Filipino food crawl. Space is limited. Request your invite at:"

Social media avatar

Use this image:

KC profile pic_450x450.jpg

Use the caption:

“A top secret food crawl in SOMA Pilipinas featuring 7 restaurants & 6 exclusive pop-up dinners covering the gamut of hard to find delicacies to out of this world dining experiences. Space is limited. Request your invite at:”

Social media cover

Use this image:

KC Social cover.jpg

Use the caption:

“Go past the headlines and discover a new renaissance of Filipino food in San Francisco. Space is limited. Request your invite at:”

Chef Images - Do not post on social media until 3/11:

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Ate Tess_500x500.jpg
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Food Photography