Your packaged food product at Undiscovered SF

We're a non-profit venture and our goal #1 is jumpstart economic activity in the cultural district. We're looking for emerging brands and concepts to build a vibrant local economy. Our #2 goal is to set you up for success. We charge the lowest price possible to keep the project financially sustainable. Starting at $100 + 10% of your sales.


The Space

Your packaged food product will be on full display outside in the SF Chronicle Parking Lots.

Meet our food program team

We are seasoned food professionals.


We'll get you set up for success

Through our partnership with the Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center, we have a ton of support services to strengthen your business. Successful vendors at UNDISCOVERED SF will be invited to our business incubator where we'll invest a host of professional services like branding, marketing, legal, accounting to prepare businesses for long-term opportunities in the cultural district.