Aliwang Lutu Pop-up Dinner 4/7/19

Aliwang Lutu Pop-up Dinner 4/7/19



By Chef Mark Pecson

3 Course Filipino Kamayan with a French finesse presented by the Filipino Food Movement.

NEW! First 10 buyers of the 9pm seating will get a copy of "I AM FILIPINO AND THIS IS HOW WE COOK" courtesy of a generous sponsorship by Brookfield.

Written by trailblazing restaurateurs Nicole Ponseca and Miguel Trinidad of Maharlika and Jeepney, I Am a Filipino is a cookbook of modern Filipino recipes that captures the unexpected and addictive flavors of this vibrant and diverse cuisine.

“Bilao” 1

Tokwa’t Baboy x Agedashi Tofu: Pig ear fries, crispy tofu, soy lime banyuls, katsuoboshi, basil oil

Dinuguan terrine, grilled country bread: Chocolate meat cold cuts, pickled mustard seed

Savory confit grapes: Olive Oil poached with garlic and salt

Kamatis-sibuyas: Preserved calamansi, tomato, onion, red boat patis, green mango

Banana chips

Adobo dusted shrimp chips

“Bilao” 2

Salmon Sinigang x Bouillabaisse: Tamarind broth from salmon carcass and shrimp, roasted salmon, fennel, onion, leek, chives, white wine, kale chips

Crispy Pork Belly Menudo: Sousvide belly, roasted tomato base, chickpeas in butter, chicken liver mousse, roasted new potatoes, vin-soy golden raisins

Pinakbet: Red curry harissa kabocha puree, roasted eggplant, pickled bittermelon, bagoong oil, grilled kang kong

Palabok Dumplings: Pork and shrimp, caramelized onion, chicharron, garlic annato sauce

Red Java rice: Annato, shallot, garlic


Mango Passionfruit Granita spritzer


Guinitaan Ube: Macapuno, Latik tuile, Ube Halaya, tapioca pearls, jackfruit, whipped coconut cream, torched suman, ube powder


Lambanog Manila Mule

Marqeaux Rum Punch


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868 Mission Street between 5th and 4th Streets

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