Pinoy Heritage Pop-up Dinner 4/13/19

Pinoy Heritage Pop-up Dinner 4/13/19



By Chef Francis Ang

8 course dinner featuring traditional Filipino flavors with a modern twist.

Course 1: Mackerel kinilaw

Seaweed Granita, Roe

Course 2: Spring salad
Mung bean Dip, Tinapa, Market Greens

Course 3: Crab tamales
Artichoke, Green Garlic, Salted Egg

Course 4: Binagoongan
Coppa, Coconut Milk, Eggplant

Course 5: Bulalo
Ribeye, Tendon, Cabbage, Crispy Rice

Course 6: Carrot Biscocho
Apricot, Mango

Course 7: Turon
Matcha, Chocolate,Passion Fruit

Course 8: Coffee Yema


Picnic on 3d

493 3rd St @ Bryant St

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