Sariwa Pop-up Dinner 4/14/19

Sariwa Pop-up Dinner 4/14/19



By Chef Aileen Suzara

An IndiPino menu inspired by Aileen’s family and by history - from the historic influences of South Asian foodways into Filipino cuisine, to diasporic ingredients that travel, to a personal connection in our intermixed family roots.

Note: some variability to menu depending on market & seasonality!

Course 1: Pulutan

Garlicky peanuts & chickpea crisps

Course 2: Ukoy x pakora

With vinegar dips & tamarind sauce

Course 3: Athara x Atchar

Housemade pickle

Course 4: Laing x Saag

Taro & mustard greens, chili coconut

Course 5: Ensaladang talong x bhengan bartha

Eggplant, onion, tomato | banana hearts | Kare Kare | Heirloom rice | Chef surprise!

Dessert: Bibingka x bebinca

Cardamom & calamansi maja blanca


Mestiza @ 6:30p
595 Bryant St @ 4th St

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