Ox and Tiger Pop-up Dinner 4/6/19

Ox and Tiger Pop-up Dinner 4/6/19



By EJ Macayan and Hitomi Wada

6 course exploration into Japanese and Filipino fusion.

NEW! First 10 buyers of the 8pm seating will get a copy of "PULUTAN cook book" courtesy of a generous sponsorship by Brookfield.

The array of Filipino bar snacks and small dishes known as "Pulutan" are the definitive pairing for a cold beer, wine cooler or cocktail. Incorporating culinary influences from Spain, China, Mexico and the U.S., along with indigenous flavors and traditions, these Filipino finger foods can range from tapas and pintxos to eggrolls and dumplings, and even barbecued meat and chicken wings. Do as Filipinos do: invite some friends over, enjoy a selection of delicious Filipino snacks, and socialize over a few cold drinks!

Datemaki,Roasted Eggplant, Early Girl Ginisa, Sansho Patis

Daikon, Nilaga, Konnyaku, Annatto Chili Oil

Gindara Saikyo
Black Cod, Tamarind, Shiso Lakkyo,

Broccoli, House Made bagoong, Pork Crumb, Bonito

Tsukune, Asparagus, Calamansi Tare, OT Shichimi

Ube Panna Cotta
Coconut Pepita Streusel, Condensed Milk Mousse


Joint Venture
167 11th St @ Harrison St

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